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General Buying- and Delivery Terms



The seller in this document is TransComponent Finland AB, 1064849-2. The buyer is customer that the seller invoices.


1. Terms of Delivery

1. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of the product is Ex Works (free our warehouse) in Närpiö in Finland, loaded on the vehicle. The seller is responsible for the product until it is loaded on the vehicle.

2. Returns

1. If the buyer received a defective item, the buyer has the right to return the item and receive a new one free of charge. Before returning the item, however, the buyer and seller must agree on how the return will be handled.
2. If the buyer has ordered the wrong item and wants to return it, the buyer pays all costs incurred in connection with the return. Before returning an item, the buyer must contact the seller. The right of returns applies to standard products. Customised products manufactured specifically for the customer cannot be returned.
3. If the buyer discovers shipping damage, the carrier should be notified immediately upon receipt of the goods. If the buyer handled shipping according to Ex Works, the seller is not able to make a claim with the carrier. The buyer will have to arrange this.
4. If the seller has used CPT shipping, the seller must be informed of shipping damages and will then notify the carrier.

3. Terms of Payment

1. For invoiced sales, payment terms are 14 days, unless otherwise agreed.
A customary credit check is performed.
2. After the due date, the Bank of Finland’s reference rate plus eight percentage points is applied (according to §4a of the Interest Act). (2016: 8.5%)
3. Any objections to the invoice must be made within 8 days of receipt for these to apply.

4. Guarantee

1. Twelve months guarantee generally applies to our products. The guarantee is valid from the date the product has been delivered from the seller to the buyer.
2. The guarantee does not apply if the product has been misused or installed incorrectly.